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We are convinced that everything should be made easier and easier in our lives, and provide our customers with a range of services that can now make their business and communications accessible to any part of the world they are in, turning to both B2B B2C Customers

The Staff of Canary Islands BLIVALE S.L.
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We established Canary Islands BLIVALE S.L. in June 2017, however, our experience in the field of Services, Telephony, Projects, Web and Computing is based on a solid foundation of about 40 years.

We are a Team that includes Men and Women who are between the ages of 20 and 59.

We carry out our activities in various operating locations between Europe and Asia.

Our Services are aimed at both the Private (B2C) and Business (B2B).

Our Services are provided all over the World through our Web Sites, or through our distributors, retailers, agents and collaborators.

More information about other activities About and our Services can be found on the official website of Canary Islands BLIVALE S.L..

logo_canaryislandsblivale_114x136_l Who we are
Canary Islands BLIVALE S.l.
Calle San Agustín, 43
Edificio Tigaray
38410 Los Realejos
Tenerife - Spain

CIF / NIF : B76741727
e-Mail: info@blivale.com
Social Capital € 800,000.00 F.P.
logo_canaryislandsblivale_114x136_l Who we are
Canary Islands BLIVALE S.L., like most of the companies in the world currently works in Smart Working.
Any request for contact, information, or a quote must be sent to us through specific forms..
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