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Examples from Customers with voice and data traffic
with the BLIVALE SIM data in Free Roaming in the World

All Customers have authorized the publication of part of their traffic done both as a voice and as data with the BLIVALE SIM Data in Free Roaming.

The page shown is not complete and sensitive fields and information attributable to the Customer have been hidden.

blivale_case_studies_simdata_freeroaming_surf_talk_austria_poland_czechrepublic_belarus_russiafederation_mongolia_china_600x338 Case Studies: Personal Coach

Client: Personal Coach

The BLIVALE SIM Free Roaming Data has been used by the Customer, who carries out activities as Personal Coach, in different periods and in the following countries:

  • Austria
  • Poland
  • Czech Republic
  • Belarus
  • Russia Federation
  • Mongolia
  • China

Mainly used as Data, but also as Phone calls, therefore access to the Internet and use of the APP and / or connection in Hotspot with PC.

The Customer is Active and continues to use the BLIVALE SIM Free Roaming Data.

blivale_example_surf_austria_poland_czechrepublic_belarus_russiafederation_mongolia_china Case Studies: Personal Coach

BLIVALE SIM Card Catalog Voice and Data in Free Roaming

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