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The BLIVALE SIM allows you to travel the world for work or vacation, eliminating roaming.

The BLIVALE SIM allows you to:

  • communicate and surf the internet between state and state, and between different continents, therefore use only one Data SIM for all your travels
  • if you don't use it after a trip, you can resume it after several months, and if you have chosen the plan with credit without expiry, your credit will reactivate it
  • today choose and activate the most convenient plan for you for your trip, tomorrow you can choose and activate another plan, without activation costs
  • a SIM for Everyone to use anywhere
  • you have no roaming charges
  • you have no binding contracts
  • browse everywhere
  • and much more...

Check the coverage of countries where our customers have authorized the publication of their data and voice traffic, discover that you can move between countries and continents, without problems, and continue to be in contact with whoever you want.  


Before you leave for your trip


If you travel internationally, you are certainly tempted to leave the phone at home or in the office so as not to pay excessive roaming charges. However, BLIVALE can help you stay connected thanks to its international SIM card without roaming. You are free to choose and customize your plan to suit your budget while enjoying high-speed internet, international calls and text messages in over 170 countries around the world.

With credits that never expire, BLIVALE will ensure you can always stay in touch with your loved ones at home up to 95% less than yours current mobile operator. Visit BLIVALE today to see how easy it is to customize your plan and finally receive the high quality communication services you deserve!


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