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Yes, how to eliminate the nostalgia of not being able to move around the world for tourist trips, and why not, in some cases even for work.

One morning we came across, by pure chance, some websites that show places and landscapes in real time with their webcams, made available to users.

We had forgotten about these sites, and to think we used them often before deciding on a trip.

In our case we came across this link:

and we went to see Piazza San Marco in Venice (Italy). It was 7:30 in the morning.


blivale_webcam_venezia_847x476 holiday


Deserted square, only 2 people almost in the center of the square walking in the opposite direction from each other in the square.

Seeing Venice, even if deserted, was very pleasant.

We quickly realized we had a smile on our faces!

The day started well.

So we dedicated ourselves for about half an hour to visit other places throughout the world:

Tenerife: https://www.skylinewebcams.com/it/webcam/espana/canarias.html

blivale_webcam_tenerife_847x476 holiday


Maldives: https://www.skylinewebcams.com/it/webcam/maldives.html

blivale_webcam_maldive_847x476 holiday


New York: https://www.skylinewebcams.com/it/webcam/united-states/new-york.html

blivale_webcam_newyork_847x476 holiday


and many others.

We then continued to search for other Webcams:

blivale_image_webcam_world_1260x553 holiday

Soon after, satisfied and happy, we started planning a trip for this spring, another for the summer.

Undecided initially for a cruise in the Mediterranean, or move to Egypt and review the Pyramids and the Sphinx, or decide on a trip to see colleagues in Dubai and Hong Kong.

Yes, we thus discovered that it was important and absolutely positive to re-organize a trip and to prepare in advance for its organization so as not to have problems afterwards.

We can say that from that moment our days have changed, becoming more and more positive and every now and then we peek at places on Webcam to cheer up and see landscapes that we cannot visit at the moment, but that we plan for the near future.

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