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Frequently Asked Questions.

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What is BLIVALE?

BLIVALE is 1 FREE lifetime multi-format SIM card, working on all smartphones all over the World. It’s really your travel companion. Stay Connected wherever you are, without any roaming charges.

Forget about roaming costs. Forget about the hours spent desperately looking for free Wi-Fi connections. BLIVALE 4G LTE SIM card works in 170 countries, covering the world at affordable prices.

We have flat plans valid in 88 countries (TOP 88) worldwide, without expiration. We have got specific rates for other countries.

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What are the benefits of BLIVALE?
What are the rates of BLIVALE?
Do you have different plans?
Will I get a free SIM card?
What is the size of BLIVALE SIM card?


If I purchase my BLIVALE how often will the data and minutes be renewed?

If I purchase my BLIVALE how often will the data and minutes be renewed?

Unlike many other mobile operators in the world, we believe something revolutionary: GB and minutes are different from milk. They should not expire!

That’s why when you create your SIM we don’t write anything about the expiration: because the credits you are purchasing will be active till you don’t finish them.

We have only one rule, to recognize who is using the service and who is not. You will need to top up your account at least every six months, starting from 9 euro for 50 minutes of calls. What if you will not top-up? Your account will be considered inactive and freeze until your next top-up. Even in that case, you will not lose the credit and you will get it back after the credit purchase.

The only BLIVALE offers which expire are the BLIVALE Surf Europe Unlimited, BLIVALE Surf Asia Unlimited, BLIVALE Surf USA Unlmited and BLIVALE Infinity, which are valid for 30 days and can be renewed once expired.

Using BLIVALE Virtual SIM APP, you can make and receive calls, to the other BLIVALE customers (or who use similar / compatible APPs) or any mobile and landline worldwide phone number.

You can use the data for any application, including all the messaging apps and you can send traditional SMS to any phone, but you can receive SMS only from other BLIVALE Customers (or who use similar / compatible APPs).

How to activate the SIM?
How do I make my top up?
After 6 months what happens if I didn’t top up?
How and where can I make a top up?
How do I connect with the Customer Care?
My SIM card doesn't work. What can I do?


Do you have Corporate plans?

Yes, we do have customized corporate plans and plenty of offers and discounts.

Get in touch with us to avail these offers.


Can I access the Internet with BLIVALE?

Yes, BLIVALE provides you data with our SIM card and in-app calls.

You can use data to access the Internet from anywhere as long as your phone has service/signal. This enhances your travel experience, making it more memorable and you can access the Internet while traveling to check your emails, update Facebook, browse the web and so much more.

Do I need to activate the data plans beforehand?
When do the 30 days start? From activation or from first use in Europe/Asia/USA/Infinity?
Can the UNLIMITED packages be extended/renewed for more than 30 days?
How will I know if the country that I am currently staying can use the data credit included in the product/plan?
What is the difference between the TOP 88 and the Extra countries?
What if the country that I am currently at or the country that I’m about to go is not included in the TOP 88? Will I still be able to use the data credit?
Can additional international data packs be added to an UNLIMITED package?


How do I make a call?

Making a call is simple, just dial the number you wish to call, with the international prefix, using the BLIVALE App.

How to select the caller ID?
Will I get a free-talk time?
How can I choose my phone number?
How will I get extra number?
From what countries can I make calls?
Can I choose or customize my BLIVALE number?
What is the difference between DID and CLI?
Does making a call consume my data credit?
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