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blivale_blog_what_si_the_cloud_851x315 WHAT IS THE CLOUD AND WHAT IS IT FOR?


Since 2020, there has been a lot of talk about Cloud, as many companies (professionals, multinationals, SMEs, etc.) have started working in Smart Working.

In reality, Cloud has been talked about for tens of years, but it had not had such a great dissemination and use as in recent years.

What does Cloud mean in IT jargon and therefore the internet?

The translation is "cloud", in fact the symbol of a cloud is often reported when talking about Cloud.

In reality it is a technology that allows data to be processed and stored on the network, all through the internet that allows access to applications and data stored on a remote hardware instead of on your PC / MAC or local server.

How do I use or can I use the Cloud?

In the Cloud, today we use applications such as:

✔️ Microsoft Office
✔️ Google Workspace
✔️ Google Photo
✔️ CRM (Customer Relationship Management), such as Zoho CRM, HubSpot CRM‍, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle CRM, Salesforce, SugarCRM, and many others
✔️ ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), such as SAP ERP, Oracle JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics, and many others
✔️ Voip switchboards
✔️ and many other applications to plan, make videos, podcasts, banners, edit images, etc. Many of which we already use on our Smartphones.

Can i make backups?

In the Cloud, many companies make backups of their document archives, which are very easy to find, modify, view, share among colleagues, customers and users, wherever they are in the world.

For example, many of Us use Google Photo to store their photos.

We use some Clouds to share archives, videos, messages, files of any format.

In some cases the file can be opened directly on the Cloud that hosts it, in other cases it becomes necessary to download it to use it.

Are Clouds Safe?

It should be noted that to access any Cloud service, secure access is used, with a password and now also with code confirmations received on your smartphone or via email.

All the major cloud managers have more than one server that stores your information in multiple locations.

This is to compensate for any hardware equipment failures, fires, floods, earthquakes, etc.

Therefore everything is safe, your data will not be lost, unless you delete them, voluntarily or involuntarily. Obviously, various authorizations are required to make this step, and often the data remains stored for a few weeks on the servers set up for the Cloud.

Does the Cloud make work easier?

Of course!

The Cloud facilitates work, activities and storage.

Everything we have in the Cloud can be used with a PC / MAC or Smartphone.

If we use a PC / MAC most of the time we do it from home, or in the office, with the fiber connection. In this case we will have a truly unlimited use, it depends on the internet operator who often puts FUP (Fair Use Policy) clauses that are included in the contracts and often we do not notice any restrictions that may exist both for the use of fiber connection and mobile data (in particular here).

If we are not in the office or at home and the connection internet depends only on my Smartphone?

As often happens, I can find myself in a shopping center, in a hotel, at the airport, train station, metro, bar, etc., where you plan to connect to the local hotspots.

In this case the connections are slow, often they drop immediately after having hardly seen an internet page or having downloaded an email, or after a few minutes, because these connections must be shared with other local users. Not only the greater of this they have no protections, and can download viruses and more without our knowledge.

In conclusion

The Cloud allows any person and company to work anywhere without problems, and access their data stored in any part of the world where we are.

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