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blivale_blog_what_is_the_fup_851x315 What is the FUP (Fair Use Policy) and why are we not aware of it?

What is the FUP (Fair Use Policy) and why are we not aware of it?

Molte Utenti di uso SIM, eSIM e anche di linea fissa Internet (in adsl o fibra), sia privati che aziende. non conoscono FUP e il suo significato. Eppure viene riportato in ogni contratto di telefonia, sia mobile che fissa.

What is this FUP?

FUP is the abbreviation (or abbreviation) of "Fair Use Policy".

It is used by all telephone operators, as was said both for mobile (mainly), but also for fixed telephony, mostly for use of data, but also for telephone calls and SMS.

In this article we mainly talk about the mobile phone FUP.

The FUP (Fair Use Policy) is the policy of use of the mobile telephone service for the use of data, outgoing phone calls, and SMS to be sent.

It is defined both for those who have a subscription SIM or eSIM or a rechargeable one.

These are rules that for the most part are identical for all mobile phone operators both local (therefore use of the SIM or eSIM in your country) and international (therefore use of the SIM or eSIM in the world).

When buying a SIM or eSIM do I need to know the FUP?

When you buy a SIM or eSIM, regardless of whether it is a monthly rechargeable or a subscription for 1 or 2 years, during the purchase no one reads the use and conditions of the FUP.

BLIVALE is one of the few operators that highlights the FUP and explains the characteristics of use and the amount of data, phone calls and SMS in each product on sale.

The FUP is applied for the normal personal use of the SIM or eSIM, both for individuals (therefore Consumer) and for Companies (therefore Business).

Does the FUP only apply in the country of origin or also if I travel to countries for business or vacation travel?

Yes, the FUP applies both in your country of origin, where I purchased a local SIM or eSIM, and also for international SIM or eSIM.

If I buy a SIM or eSIM for local use, I can buy it in the following way:

✔️ low-priced purchase, where you often get a limited amount of data (in GB), minutes, and text messages. Not always for data these go at the maximum speed in use, they can be 1 MB for download and upload, as well as 10 MB or 200 MB or 1 GB, etc., at the maximum expected speed, it all depends on the plan that it can be bought.

✔️ purchase with a satisfactory price, where the GBs that I can use locally (therefore in my country) are shown and if they are in Europe, it can be reported how many GBs (often from 1GB to 7GB per month) I can use in free roaming in the European continent.

✔️ prices vary from a rechargeable SIM or eSIM per subscription. The subscription (from 1 to 2 years) is always cheaper, but a subscription is required which must be paid immediately or every month, and in the event of early withdrawal from the subscription, a penalty must be paid. While a rechargeable one I can not recharge it for a few months, but due to the majority of local and international SIMs or eSIMs, after a few months the SIM can no longer be used, and another one must be purchased.

✔️ the major SIM or eSIM, both local and international, allows the use of one plan at a time, and if I decide to change the plan, the current one is canceled and the new one inserted. Many international SIM cards do not allow the insertion of more plans and the variation of the current plan.


BLIVALE is one of the few international operators that allows:

  • to use the SIM or eSIM with monthly recharge, and if I don't have to use it for a few months, and I put it, for example in a drawer, I can always use it again after months
  • to have multiple plans on the same SIM or eSIM at the same time both for local use, for zones (use in multiple countries), and Unlimited.

What happens if I involuntarily (or voluntarily) fail to comply with the FUP rules?

Here are some examples to better explain everything.

Example 1

There are various rules, for example if I buy a data SIM for private use, I cannot use this SIM as M2M or IoT, since there are SIMs designed for this type of use.

Example 2

We often find the word Unlimited. This does not mean that it is for all Unlimited operators (both local and international), but there are data usage constraints.

An Unlimited SIM for most operators has both data and phone calls and SMS with monthly restrictions. If I pass them and reach them before the monthly expiration, the SIM is blocked for the rest of the month, and if in the following months I behave in exactly the same way, the SIM is completely blocked by the operator and I have to buy another one, losing all the credit I had. If I have a subscription, I will still have to pay a penalty for early termination for just cause (FUP).

Example 3

Many SIMs or eSIMs even if they have Unlimited, impose a daily usage limit of GB at the maximum speed and then decrease to the minimum. The same thing can be said for outgoing phone calls and sending SMS, where for that day if I have reached the limit I can no longer do it.

Example 4

If I have a SIM or eSIM with data defined Unlimited and I reach the threshold of GB at the maximum speed expected in the month, the data speed decreases for the rest of the month, it depends on the operator, and can be from a minimum of 64KB to a maximum of minimum speed of 256KB.

Not only that, even the minimum speed often has GB usage limits for the rest of the month. For example it can be a use of 12GB at minimum speed, and if I reach these too, the SIM or eSIM for the rest of the month is blocked.

Example 5

We did an experiment with sending SMS from a local SIM in Italy and Spain. We do not say the names of the local operators. The SIM had GB of data available monthly, declaration of unlimited phone calls and unlimited SMS.

Through our software (or APP) we sent about 2,000 SMS to different users in about 2 weeks.

Here is the message that came to us (we made a summary from both operators):

We are detecting high traffic on your + 39xxx or + 34xxx account. We therefore invite you to abide by the criteria of good faith and fairness in the use and enjoyment of the service as required by Art. xx of the General Contract Conditions. In case of repeated violation of the parameters of use of the Service, we will proceed to the suspension of your user.
For more information you can contact xxx. Greetings Operator-

So SMS Unlimited is actually about 2000 SMS per month!

In conclusion

There is much more to say, however we hope to have explained and reported the main features of using FUP.

In summary, the FUP defines the rules of lawful and illegal use of SIM or eSIM, and if used illegally these can be blocked for the rest of the month or forever.

If you are planning to travel for work or vacation or in Smart Working, get your connectivity with BLIVALE eSIM or SIM: you will no longer have to worry about roaming costs and expensive data plans.

The eSIM is a digital SIM, incorporated into your new technology Smartphone or Tablet that provides 5G, and allows you to activate a data plan without using a physical SIM.

BLIVALE offers thousands of data plans eSIM and SIM for over 200 countries. It's cheaper than your local operator's roaming plans, and you can activate it in minutes by following simple steps.

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