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IoT connectivity for your Business

IoT connectivity for Your BUSINESS

blivale_image_en_our_mission_sim_whole_world_640x640 IoT Connettività per il tuo Business

BLIVALE and the IoT

BLIVALE IoT (Internet of Things) is a multi-network cloud SIM card specially designed to connect all IoT devices to the Internet, anywhere in the world.

The BLIVALE IoT SIM works with alarms, GPS trackers, smart home devices, remote sensors, automotive control systems and thousands of other M2M applications.

We know how important it is to be able to finance your ideas, that's why we have studied solutions for all sizes of the project, from the starter kit with only ten BLIVALE IoT SIM to the mass market.

BLIVALE IoT SIM is the perfect SIM card for all phases of an IoT startup.

From the idea to the application, we know the details of connecting users, devices and applications and will support you with clear and transparent plans. So you can predict any scenario without surprises.

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IoT Internet of Things
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We provide a platform that allows you to enhance your project with all the features you need:

  • Multichannel administration of your SIM Cards: web administration panel and server2server API.
  • Functionality for activating the SIM card, activating the plan, renewing the plan, blocking the SIM card, checking data sessions and connection status, locating the SIM card (country and mobile operator used ).
  • Flexible definition of SIM card credit in different countries.
  • Definition of whitelists and blacklists of domains and IP addresses.
  • Detection of the identity of the SIM card on IN-NET traffic.


blivale_image_en_iot_iot_and_m2m_devices IoT Connettività per il tuo Business

IoT and M2M Devices

It works on alarms, GPS trackers, smart home devices, remote sensors, automotive control systems, M2M applications.

blivale_image_en_iot_affordable_global_connectivity IoT Connettività per il tuo Business

Convenient Global Connectivity

BLIVALE works with the best Roaming operators in the world to offer you exceptional coverage and connection without roaming costs.

blivale_image_en_iot_sim_management IoT Connettività per il tuo Business

SIM Management

A powerful platform that allows multi-channel administration of your SIM cards.



blivale_image_en_iot_smart_home IoT Connettività per il tuo Business

Smart Home

Monitor your home, reduce energy consumption, control lighting, air conditioning, alarms and other home systems.

blivale_image_en_iot_transportion IoT Connettività per il tuo Business


Mileage and fuel consumption, location monitoring, emergency systems to make commercial and corporate fleets safer.

blivale_image_en_iot_smart_city IoT Connettività per il tuo Business

Smart City

Traffic control, digital signage, public lighting. Cities are getting smart.

blivale_image_en_iot_customers_behavior IoT Connettività per il tuo Business

Customer Behavior

Identify trends and opportunities by extracting consumer data, analyzing the use of vending machines or ticket sales.

blivale_image_en_iot_health IoT Connettività per il tuo Business


No more stressed patients thanks to medical devices that allow healthcare professionals to monitor them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

blivale_image_en_iot_industry IoT Connettività per il tuo Business


Intelligent production, intelligent supply chain to rationalize costs and optimize performance.

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