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Partner Program / BLIVALE Resale

A global SIM card with 3G and 4G (and soon 5G) data roaming in Free Roaming in over 170 countries.

When you are a BLIVALE Partner

Once logged in, a dedicated account manager will be your channel for our business. Your BLIVALE marketing product manager will provide product experience while a technical manager will offer 24/7 support.

blivale_image_partnership_business_548x363 Partnership

Income on the sale

Get the highest payout in the telecommunications industry on all your sales and all future purchases of your customers. Increase your customers to guarantee a stable passive income stream for you and your company.

Check your activity in real time

You will have instant access to your personal sales analytics panel to track your sales, assist your customers and control commission payments.

Marketing materials

Access a full range of marketing tools, digital and printable.

Privileged access to all BLIVALE news

Being part of our team, you will know all the news in advance, to grow your sales with us thanks to the many innovations launched during the year.

World Operator

The BLIVALE Group is the first mobile telephone operator in the world that brings family, friends and colleagues closer together by eliminating roaming charges.

Passive income for life

You will earn on all the top-ups that your customers buy.

How to become a Partner / Reseller

Join our sales network and let your customers benefit from BLIVALE's innovative services and products.
We will offer you a large profit margin and passive lifetime income.
Fill out our form. Once completed, a member of our sales and marketing team will contact you within 3 business days.

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