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blivale_en_are_you_headed_to_thailand_a_perfect_travel_itinerary_1265x463 Are you headed to THAILAND? We offer you a perfect travel itinerary

Are you headed to THAILAND? We offer you a perfect travel itinerary

Thailand receives around 30 million visitors in a year, becoming one of the most touristic countries on the Asian continent.

Thailand has many places to visit, an incredible gastronomic variety and a very interesting millennial culture.

 Visiting sacred places there is a dress code that you must follow: do not wear shorts, sleeveless shirts and take off your shoes before entering.

The itinerary shown can be followed completely or partially, in 10-14 days, it also depends on your travel availability in the places listed below.


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What to do in Bangkok:

  • BANGKOK is the capital of Thailand, and is considered as one of the main tourist cities in the world, where most tourists consider it among the main destinations to visit.
  • GRAND PALACE. Located in the old town of Bankok, not to be missed. It is a complex of buildings that began in 1782 where it was the official residence of Kind Rama until the end of the 19th century. It is now considered a sacred place, becoming of great significance for Thais.
  • WAT PHRA KAEW. The Emerald Buddha temple is one of the most sacred sites in the country. It is inside the Grand Palace.
  • WAT PHO. Temple known for having inside the large reclining Buddha, 46 meters long and another 15 meters, becoming the largest reclining statue in Thailand. The reclining Buddha is completely covered with gold loaves.
  • WAT ARUN. Visit the temple not to be missed at night because you can see it from the Phraya river as a golden temple.
  • THONBURI. River which is one of the oldest and most intact areas in Bangkok that has not been affected by the weather.

 blivale_image_travel_thailand_1_900x600 Are you headed to THAILAND? We offer you a perfect travel itinerary


What to do in Ayutthaya:

  • AYUTTHAYA is located about 80 km from Bangkok, and is close to Sukhothai Historical Park, where you will find temples and palaces
  • WAT PHRA MAHATHAT. Temple that offers one of the most famous images of Thailand a Buddha head between the roots of a tree. It is not known how Buddha's head got tangled in that way.
  • WAT PHRA SI SANPHET. Temple that has an extremely beautiful design and is composed of towers built with bricks and rocks that have the shape of a dome.


blivale_image_travel_thailand_6_900x655 Are you headed to THAILAND? We offer you a perfect travel itinerary

What to do in Chiang Mai:

  • Spend your dream holidays in CHIANG MAI, surrounded by nature, culture and adventure. Here you will appreciate a natural and centennial culture that is reflected in its temples (over 300 Buddhist temples) and palaces, where the old kingdom of Lanna survives in the historic center of the city with its wooden houses. You also have the opportunity to ride elephants and see Bengal tigers.
  • ELEPHANT JUNGLE SANCTUARY. It is the refuge for elephants in Thailand. Elephants that have been rescued from trekking camps or other harmful practices such as deforestation or the circus are brought there. The sanctuary does not allow visitors to ride on elephants. Instead, you can spend the day playing with them, preparing food, feeding them, taking a mud bath or taking a bath with them.
  • WAT CHIANG MAN. It is the oldest temple in Chiang Mai where the "crystal Buddha" is consecrated, one of the greatest treasures of Thailand, as well as many other important Buddha images.
  • WAT PHRA SINGH. It is one of the most fascinating temples in Chiang Mai. It is a Buddhist complex consisting of several buildings which have become one of the main tourist attractions of Chiang Mai.
  • WAT CHEDI LUANG. It is a beautiful sanctuary that stands out for its imposing pagoda built by order of King Saen Muang. It is currently one of the most famous Buddhist places in northern Thailand.
  • TERRACOTTA GARDEN. It is a courtyard of the Chiang Mai Café, full of sculptures and reliefs in the mud. It is a perfect place to relax for its tranquility.
  • SUNDAY NIGHT MARKET. This market welcomes hundreds of tourists who go to buy souvenirs, try local street food or just go for a walk. There is no doubt that it has become popular, so if you stay in Chiang Mai on the weekend, you must visit it. It is one of the essential points of Chiang Mai.


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What to do in Phuket:

  • PHUKET. Phuket Island is among the major tourist destinations in Thailand. Here you will find the beauties of Thai beaches, and you can immerse yourself in culture, and have a beautiful nightlife.
  • PATONG BEACH. It has a heavenly landscape, an active nightlife, and you visit James Bond Island.
  • OLD CITY OF PHUCKET. It is the historic city with Portuguese colonial style. It has many Buddhist and Chinese temples, and beautiful alleys to get lost in.
  • BIG BUDDHA. It is the most iconic Buddha statue in southern Thailand, 45 meters high and made with white marble. The views from this tourist attraction are spectacular and you can send fantastic photos with your smartphone.
  • KARON BEACH. It is the third longest beach in Phuket.


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What to do in the Phi Phi Islands:

  • PHI PHI. The Phi Phi Islands are an archipelago made up of 4 main islands, and are among the main tourist destinations in Thailand. Mainly known for the film "The Beach", with the actor Leonardo Di Caprio, and for their beauty, which you will discover by visiting it.


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