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Toll-Free Number

A Toll Free Number is an automatic answering service where customers can call free of charge. Help improve customer experience by offering real-time support on queries and requests. It enables businesses to increase brand awareness, provide a higher level of service and increase customer satisfaction with free services and no hidden costs.
With our toll-free numbers you pay for the chosen period and all the calls received are included, without adding additional costs.

Characteristics of the Toll-Free Number

The BLIVALE VOIP Toll-Free Numbers are useful for companies and professionals who want to be called without customers paying for the call. Receive unlimited telephone calls from landlines and mobile phones on the VoIP Toll-Free number, which belong to the country of the chosen VoIP number.

You have no additional costs

You have no connection fee

Our VOIP numbers (mobile, toll-free, landline) have no activation costs

With ROOM, make video conferences on a static IP address for up to 50 users

Connect a physical VOIP desk phone to each VOIP toll free number purchased

Telephone answering machine (voice mail), which you associate with your number with a personalized message, and which records the message they leave you, and transcribes them, sending them immediately via sms

Access to advanced traffic reports, which allow you to specifically search for calls made, received or missed

Blacklist to block "particular" customers who call you in an unwanted way

You can install the BLIVALE Toll-Free VOIP number on multiple phones (fixed desk, smartphone, tablet) that will ring at the same time

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