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blivale_map_where_to_travel_in_this_period Where to travel in this period of Covid-19: the real-time map with rules and bans for flights around the world, a valuable tool for organizing travel

Where to travel in this period of Covid-19: the real-time map with rules and bans for flights around the world, a valuable tool for organizing travel

With the opening of the markets, and of the flights, occasionally marked by Lockdown, which more and more often become local in the individual countries, we are preparing, after months of inactivity, to give ourselves a leisure considering the travels.

Travel not only for holidays, wellness, educational, wedding, but also business trips, to enter and open new markets, to re-visit customers, and much more.

Visiting the portals of the Ministries of the Interior and Foreign Affairs of the individual countries does not always provide clear information, and sometimes a little contradictory.

For example, we often encountered having to leave Italy to Spain, by car, and it was not clear if during the round trip there could be inconveniences, such as border control, or presenting self-certifications, or last testing, and whether to be tested (swabs).

Or Antonio di Treviso, friend / colleague / entrepreneur from Treviso, often goes to Brazil for work, and reading the information and news on Brazil, the country seemed closed, instead during the Christmas 2020 holidays he traveled without problems between Italy and Brazil Airplane.

Or Filippo, an entrepreneur with a home and offices in Dubai, was in Italy last week for work. He stayed for a few days, then returned to Dubai.

To extricate ourselves from all this, the interactive map, always updated by IATA (International Air Transport Association), comes in handy. IATA is an international airline organization headquartered in Montreal, in the province of Quebec, Canada.

Book Your Plane

Book your flight in advance offered by various online travel agencies and airlines, taking advantage of discounts on early bookings.


This map allows us to understand where you can fly and go in the world in any country we are.

The map is interactive on air travel abroad, is easy to use and updated in real time. It is the most useful and reliable tool for those who are preparing to buy a plane ticket and want to have official and reliable information.

blivale_mappa_interattiva_IAVA Where to travel in this period of Covid-19: the real-time map with rules and bans for flights around the world, a valuable tool for organizing travel

Book Your Hotel

Choose from a series of hotels to stay overnight offered by various online travel agencies, choosing from hotels where you can pay only on your arrival.

For example, in some countries there is no requirement to have an incoming swab or to present a swab examination carried out 3 days in advance. For example, it does not appear, but there is an obligation to swab also within the European Union.

To get information on the countries that interest us, just click on the country and information on the country and the trip comes out.

Each country, in fact, adopts its own measures and it is really difficult to have an overview of which borders have in the meantime been opened and which states it is not yet possible to enter.

So to always be up to date, and to understand what trips we can do right now, where we can go, where it is not allowed, which flights in the world are active and which have been canceled, today it is important to understand this first.

It is certainly not a futuristic map, so if we plan to take a trip this summer we must not get stuck because the map may not show good information. We can always organize our trip, insure it, and in case we cannot or cannot go in the scheduled and booked period, we can always request a refund or move the period.


Today it is important to resume managing our life with our passions, then start thinking about the present but also about our future, organizing our travels both for work and for holidays..

The IATA map therefore becomes an authoritative and precious help for all travelers.

The map is interactive and summarizes all international travel regulations relating to the Coronavirus crisis (SARS-CoV-2) and related restrictions.

Just click on the country of interest to view all the detailed and official information, which is constantly updated.

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