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blivale_image_barraquito_costa_adeje1 WHAT IS BARRAQUITO?


Barraquito or Barraco, is a coffee drink from the island of Tenerife (ES). I also found it in Valencia (ES) and other places in Spain.

When I arrive in Tenerife, with sincerity, I never miss it, whatever season it is. To consider that for the Canary Islands it is always spring all year round, even if you see snow on Mount Teide, staying quietly on the beach!

In recent years, I have tasted a lot of Barraquito, but the only one I find to my greatest taste is in some bars in Costa Adeje.

There are various versions of this recipe, which can vary from one bar to another.

The recipe for this drink originates from the Canaries, and the origin of the name is very similar to that of the "Negroni" cocktail in Italy. "Barraco" was the nickname of the person who in the mid-twentieth century in Santa Cruz in Tenerife, began to request this variant of "Cortado" (Spanish name for a drink very similar to "Macchiatone") served in a glass cup).

Some variants of "Barraquito" include a layer of liqueur, to try!

It is made with condensed milk, Licor 43 (sometimes substituted with Tia Maria), an espresso, milk, cinnamon and lemon zest.

The cup must be high, made of glass, and with the help of a teaspoon the ingredients are stratified.

First pour the condensed milk and in order: the liqueur, coffee, hot milk and finally milk cream or whipped cream which is sprinkled with cinnamon and lemon zest.

How do I drink it?

Sometimes I mix everything with a spoon, other times I taste a few layers first, and then I mix.

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