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blivale_local_international_sim _difference_851x315 We explain the difference between Local SIM and International SIM

We explain the difference between Local SIM and International SIM

Many users think that surfing the Internet in their own country has the same conditions if we leave the borders in international countries.

It is not so.

Local SIM

Local SIM means SIMs that are issued by the operator of your country with prevalent use in the country of purchase, by purchasing a subscription or a rechargeable one that allows the use of GBs and telephone calls only in the country of origin of the SIM. The Local SIM can also be used in countries abroad, therefore with international use of data and voice with additional costs, including Roaming. These SIMs provide for the exclusive use of only one plan in the country. If you want another Plan you often pay penalties, and it does not allow the use of further plans except by losing and giving up on the one in use.

International SIM

For International SIMs we mean the SIMs that are issued by international operators and can be used in all countries in the world. For the most part they are rechargeable SIMs, which have an expiration of daily, monthly or over time use.

They allow the use of GB in multiple countries without roaming costs.

For example, the BLIVALE SIM cards are international and allow you to use and load multiple floors at the same time.

Example I am in Europe, I am moving to Asia or the Middle East, I have both plans and when I pass from Europe to the Middle East, the Middle East plan is activated, and the Europe plan is blocked.

It has no Roaming costs, and if you are running out of credit you are informed, to decide whether or not to top up that plan or GB or Minutes, therefore costs are clear and without surprises.

We go into more explanations

Use of data in your country and international use


  • in Italy we can have an operator that provides us with 100GB or 200GB with its SIM every month, with lawful use, otherwise the SIM can be blocked
  • when we go to a country, therefore we cross the state border, for example in a country in Europe, or America, or Asia, etc., the same GB and the same conditions in the country where I live, are not the same in the country where I go.

Example From France to Europe

If I go to Europe from France, I can use 1 to 6/7 GB per month in Europe, always with the lawful use of the SIM. In addition to this, in some countries, Free Roaming is not provided for in all, so I use the SIM without paying the daily Roaming costs which can vary significantly by a few €.

So if in Italy, I have 100GB for example, I can't think of having 100GB in Europe too, unless I have a plan that is expensive enough to have it.

Example From France outside Europe

And if I go outside of Europe, I no longer have GB, but I pay the MB consumed, which are quite expensive, others at the cost of daily roaming.

Here many users found themselves with the top-ups reset by their telephone company even in a few hours, because they were not informed about the costs.

Use of phone calls and SMS in your country and international use

Example France

In France I can have in my SIM plan the voice with unlimited minutes to all mobile and landlines, but only in France.

If I want to call from France to any country, I pay per minute for the call with often also the connection fee.

Here, too, I can have additional plans that allow you to have minutes to Europe or the Rest of the World, at not insignificant figures.

Example are in Europe

If I am in Europe, most telephone companies in France allow me to call from the European country where I am in France at no cost, without a click, and I can receive calls in Europe without a click.

If I don't have a plan on my SIM that includes calls from the world to the world, the costs are high.

Example are in Extra Europe

If I am in a non-European country, any phone call I make in any country in the world, including France, I pay the cost per minute, and often also the cost of the connection fee. Costs per minute depend on where I am, and can range from a few tens of cents to over € 10 per minute.

Even here, if I don't have a plan on my SIM that includes calls from the world to the world, the costs are high.

International SIMs, such as the BLIVALE SIM

The International SIMs compensate for all the inconveniences listed above.

For example for BLIVALE SIMs:

  • GB at maximum speed in almost all countries of the world, in free roaming. In this case we buy the GBs we plan to use
  • Unlimited GB, which are activated on unlimited plans, and allow unlimited browsing until the end of the month but at a lower speed
  • international phone calls where I pay the same amount in almost all countries in the world, therefore without surcharge
  • I get phone calls with no response clicks
  • I surf and phone in free roaming, therefore without paying additional roaming costs
  • we can buy GB at any time, I can activate multiple plans and use the one provided in the country where I am, and much more.

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blivale_en_International_SIM_vs_Local_SIM_vs_Data_Roaming_1265x499 We explain the difference between Local SIM and International SIM

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