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blivale_blog_what_can_I_do_with_SIM_eSIM_with_GB_of_international_data_1280x720 What can I do with SIM or eSIM with GB of local and international data?

What can I do with SIM or eSIM with GB of local and international data?

Not everyone knows what can be done with both local and international GB (gigabytes).

Many customers ask us:

  • how much can i surf the internet with a gigabyte?

We explain what a gigabyte is

We are so used to hearing about giga that for cell phones and data connections it is not exactly a correct term.

Actually you should use the term GigaByte.

A gigabyte (GB) is the unit of measurement that equals one thousand megabytes (MB) which in turn equals one thousand Kilobytes (KB).

So a gigabyte is a million kilobytes!

Now, given such large numbers, it can seem like a gigabyte of phone traffic is a lot.

Could a GigaByte be enough for our needs or not?

The question to ask is:

  • can a jig be enough for our needs or not?

To do this, we must first consider what you want to do with the Smartphone. If you are at home, in the office or at school, or near a Wifi HotSpot, it is still advisable, if the connection is good but also safe, to connect to the WiFi network, which does not consume Smartphone traffic.

When you travel abroad, but also in your own country, in hotels, airports, train stations, city HotSpots, the connection is always slow, often drops after a few minutes, and often you can't do anything.

It therefore becomes convenient for both business reasons (SmartWorking) or vacation, to have an International SIM, such as that of BLIVALE, to have the guarantee of connection and connection protection.

Furthermore, if you have to go to countries abroad, it is always convenient to rely on those who can allow you to save Roaming costs (at no cost), and can guarantee you an internet connection anytime and anywhere!

Yes correct, like BLIVALE!

Before explaining the use of GB Internazionali, it must be considered that with BLIVALE SIMs

  • there is no Roaming cost, so you surf in Free Roaming
  • there are no problems of moving from one country to another, the SIM or eSIM always remains active
  • you can add the plan you need at any time, both Unlimited and by country
  • there are no hidden costs
  • you can choose timed, monthly or unlimited plans
  • you can enter multiple data and voice plans
  • activate what you need

Below is the table explaining what you can do with Gigabyte with your smartphone or tablet.

blivale_blog_what_you_can_do_with_gb_of_data What can I do with SIM or eSIM with GB of local and international data?

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