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blivale_en_Because eSIMs cost less than SIM cards_643x337 Because eSIMs cost less than SIM cards

Because eSIMs cost less than SIM cards

eSIMs (Embedded SIMs) may seem less expensive than traditional SIM cards for several reasons:

Physical support is lacking
eSIMs are integrated directly into electronic devices, such as smartphones, without requiring a separate physical SIM card. This eliminates the costs of producing, distributing and managing physical SIM cards, such as manufacturing the physical cards, mailing and managing inventory.

Easy activation
With eSIMs, activation is often quicker and easier than registering a physical SIM card, which may require collection at a point of sale or activation via phone call. This simplified process can reduce operational costs for mobile operators.

eSIMs allow users to easily change mobile carriers without having to get a new physical SIM. This can increase competition between operators and reduce costs for users.

Waste reduction
Because there is no need to physically produce, distribute and dispose of SIM cards, eSIMs also contribute to reducing waste and environmental impact, which can translate into long-term savings.

However, it is important to note that eSIM prices may vary by mobile operator and region.
BLIVALE offers specific pricing plans for eSIMs with competitive prices to promote this technology.

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