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blivale_blog_en_not everyone knows what to do with 1GB_643x337 px Not everyone knows what you can do with 1GB on your Smartphone, Tablet, PC and MAC - Part 1

Not everyone knows what you can do with 1GB on your Smartphone, Tablet, PC and MAC - Part 1

The question that arises more and more frequently when using a certain telephone tariff on your smartphone or tablet is: how many gigabytes (GB) do you have for surfing the web?

However, one of the correct questions we should ask ourselves is: how many megabytes (MB) are in a gigabyte?

It is important to make this premise because the certainty of the reference unit of measurement is often not taken into account. We hear more and more often about mega and giga in newspapers, on the Internet and on television, without having a clear idea of ​​the exact amount of data available for web browsing.

How many operations can be carried out on the network with one gigabyte?
Becoming more and more specific, when we think in terms of giga and megabytes, when we talk about telephony and technology , what a customer often wants to know is not the quantity of megabytes corresponding to the giga, but what operations he can carry out with these quantities of measurement referring to internet data. So you'll want to know how many sites you can view, or how many songs or videos you can download and enjoy on your computer, mobile phone or tablet.

For this reason, you will be able to orient yourself in the infinite sea of ​​offers which sometimes do not give much clarity on the amount of data you have available to surf the net.

For example, if a customer only has one gigabyte, they will be able to download music files or use a messaging system that uses the data connection or gives them the ability to send emails without attaching files.

We must consider these units of measurement:

1 Gigabyte (GB): is equivalent to 1000 Megabyte (MB).

Simplifying GB table:  GB usage from 1GB to 100GB.

The following data is intended as average use, in fact if:

  • we send emails without attachments and images, therefore only text, for example if we have 1GB, it will not just be 1000 emails but many more
  • for streaming movies and music, it all depends on the quality of the videos, and their size in MB
  • surf the internet by visiting websites, it all depends on the pages we visit. It should be considered that each page (including images) is downloaded onto our device in order to view and consult it.

It should be considered that if you check your national tariff plans they are different from those of international use, where for your plans with your usual national operator the payment of roaming is foreseen (those living in Europe would be expected to not pay for roaming with the proportion manager, but this is not always the case), all over the world.

What can I do with 1 GB?

🌐 Surf online for 12 hours.
✉️ Send 1000 emails.
🎵 Play 200 songs.
🎥 Stream 1 hour(s) of video.
🤳Have 1 hour(s) of video calling.

What can I do with 3 GB?

🌐 Surf online for 36 hours.
✉️ Send 3000 emails.
🎵 Play 600 songs.
🎥 Stream 3 hours of video.
🤳Have 2 hours of video calls.

What can I do with 5 GB?

🌐 Surf online for 60 hours.
✉️ Send 5000 emails.
🎵 Play 1000 songs.
🎥 Stream 5 hours of video.
🤳Have 3 hours of video calls.

What can I do with 10 GB?

🌐 Surf online for 120 hours.
✉️ Send 10000 emails.
🎵 Play 2000 songs.
🎥 Stream 10 hours of video.
🤳Have 6 hours of video calls.

What can I do with 15 GB?

🌐 Surf online for 180 hours.
✉️ Send 15000 emails.
🎵 Play 3000 songs.
🎥 Stream 15 hours of video.
🤳Have 9 hours of video calls.

What can I do with 20 GB?

🌐 Surf online for 240 hours.
✉️ Send 20000 emails.
🎵 Play 4000 songs.
🎥 Stream 20 hours of video.
🤳Have 12 hours of video calls.

What can I do with 25 GB?

🌐 Surf online for 300 hours.
✉️ Send 25000 emails.
🎵 Play 5000 songs.
🎥 Stream 25 hours of video.
🤳Have 15 hours of video calls.

What can I do with 100 GB?

🌐 Surf online for 1200 hours.
✉️ Send 100,000 emails.
🎵 Play 20,000 songs.
🎥 Stream 100 hours of video.
🤳Have 60 hours of video calls.

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