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blivale_dreams_become_reality_microsoft_mesh_1200x628 DREAMS COME TRUE? MICROSOFT ANNOUNCES MESH, THE NEW PLATFORM FOR MIXED REALITY


It has long been learned that if we believe in a dream we can make it real. The important thing is to believe in it, the important thing is to never give up your dreams.

It happened with Apple, with Microsoft, with Tesla, with all the characters of the past who have continued to pursue their dreams by making them real while erring N times.
You never stopped believing it!

So Microsoft announced Mesh, the new mixed reality platform, starting to make science fiction dreams, movies and books come true.

Microsoft Mesh is one of the innovations presented in recent days by the Redmond company and perhaps also one of the most important inherent in the world of virtual reality.

What is Microsoft Mesh?

Here are some examples:

  • Shared holographic experiences that will allow people located all over the world to project their three-dimensional image within a single virtual environment.
  • Users will be able to hold and hold meetings and events via virtual reality, presenting themselves as avatars and allowing them to teleport to various places.
  • Interact with other virtual objects by remodeling them or placing them in the room and so on.
  • Enable individual users and organizations to take their work "to the next level", ie to the world of VR.
  • Enable new forms of personal and professional communication, to cope with the restrictions of the pandemic and the expansion of smart working.

Microsoft Mesh will currently be available on devices such as HoloLens 2, and other VR headsets, tablets, smartphones and PCs.

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