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blivale_norway_northern_lights_851x315 Norway reopens to travelers from all over the world without quarantine

Norway reopens to travelers from all over the world without quarantine

Norway from the beginning of the Pandemic, from 2020, had closed the borders completely, reopened them at the end of January 2022. All travelers who come from both Europe and other countries in the world are free to visit Norway without the obligation to quarantine on arrival, which was scheduled for 10 days.

Norway therefore confirms the beginning of a step towards the reopening of its borders, as is happening in other countries in the world.

However, to consider that travelers arriving in the country must still register upon entry into the country, and people who arrive without documentation, that is without a Covid certificate that testifies to a complete vaccination or recovery from the infection, will have to present the documentation that certify the vaccine or recovery, and must still present the negative test result before entering the country.

CLICK HERE for updated guidelines for traveling the country.

Three Tips on what to visit in Norway



Oslo, the capital of Norway, surrounded by the fjord and dense forests offers various itineraries:

  • gastronomic panoramas
  • calendars of events
  • museums.


Aurora Borealis in Tromsø

If you plan to see the Northern Lights, or whales, the midnight sun and explore nature this is the place for you.



There are various places to be admired by the Norwegian fjords and typical fishing villages: Lofoten, Nordland Mountains, Norvik, Berger where you can find historic sites that are World Heritage Sites. And many other enchanting places.


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