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blivale_image_pay_as_you_go_surf_europe_infinity_sim_unlimited_free_roaming Traveling in Europe makes you happy and discover the history

Traveling in Europe makes you happy and discover the history

Europe represents history, beautiful cities, museums, mountainous areas, fascinating coasts and unforgettable islands. It has some of the most amazing and varied landscapes on Earth, and each country has its own and unique characteristics.

Europe has many incredible cities (Paris, Madrid, London, Rome, Venice, Barcelona, ​​etc.) and many attractions to discover, to have fun and get excited.

If you are leaving for Europe and you have forgotten to order the SIM or eSIM to browse without worries and share your experiences, or to continue your work, you can now order the BLIVALE eSIM and it will be delivered to you by e-mail.

Take our eSIM for Europe with you for your business trip or holiday:

  • Up to 24 GB of data in 4G / LTE and 5G (where provided) at maximum speed, then browse Unlimited for the rest of the month at a lower speed
  • Unlimited calls around the world
  • You can top up the eSIM whenever you need it every month or decide to take a 6-month or 12-month subscription
  • Starting from € 75 per month

The advantages of buying an eSIM and SIM from BLIVALE are:

  • No registration needed
  • Instant Internet access
  • Immediate delivery by e-mail for the eSIM or wherever you want for the SIM, even at the hotel where you will be staying
  • 100% roaming free, everything is free roaming
  • 100% with no hidden costs
  • With BLIVALE SIMs you can load multiple data plans and you don't always have to change the SIM in any country you go
  • With BLIVALE SIMs, choose the data and voice plan you need for your trip
  • You can put the BLIVALE SIMs in a drawer and use it after months, it remains always active, and you do not have to buy another SIM for your next trip

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