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blivale_blog_sim_blivale_travel_canada_851x315 Do you have to travel to Canada? Sightseeing and the best eSIMs and SIMs to stay connected

Do you have to travel to Canada? Sightseeing and the best eSIMs and SIMs to stay connected

Canada is a country located in North America.

Statistics show that around 22 million people choose this country for their holidays and business purposes every year.

In Canada, you will find amazing outdoor wonders and activities during the winter and a pleasant climate during the summer, perfect for hiking and visiting national parks.

Here are places to visit and how to stay connected during your trip.

Don't forget how important it is to have access to the Internet when you are abroad, to name a few: check messages on WhatsApp or Telegram or other Chats, e-mails, social media, use Maps, and many other APPs.

What to do to stay connected in Canada?

First of all, save 100% on roaming rates if you buy an eSIM and / or SIM from BLIVALE.
The BLIVALE eSIM or SIM is the simplest and most comfortable way to stay in touch abroad and, in this case, in Canada.

To buy the BLIVALE eSIM for Canada Clik HERE, and choose the corresponding eSIM that is closest to your needs. After making the online payment, you will receive the eSIM details in your email, and you can activate the eSIM whenever you want. The advice is to activate it once landed in the country. The best thing about this eSIM for Canada is that it covers dozens of countries around the world.

To buy the BLIVALE SIM for Canada Click HERE, and choose the corresponding SIM that is closest to your needs. After making the online payment, you will receive the SIM card where you told us to send it, at home, in the office, or directly in the hotel where you will stay. It is recommended to activate the SIM at least 1 day before departure.

Sightseeing in Canada

In such a large and diverse country, there truly is something for everyone. Here we will mention some of the most interesting, beautiful and enticing places that you should consider for your next trip to Canada.


Banff, Alberta

This western Canadian city is, to put it in a word, surreal. The panoramic mountain views make you feel tiny by comparison, yet they are so spectacular that you will feel perfectly at peace with your relatively small place in the world. The city shares its name with the surrounding national park, established in 1885, and is the oldest in the nation. During the winter season, there are some better skiing and snowboarding spots anywhere in Canada. During the summer months, there are many outdoor activities to enjoy.


Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

If you're looking for a scenic trip to Canada, and aren't looking for too much hustle and bustle, this is the perfect city for your peace of mind. You will find a rural community on the southern shores of Nova Scotia. One of the most important and thrilling attractions is the Peggy's Point lighthouse, where you can admire the whole area and find it enchanting and picturesque.


Tofino, British Columbia

Tofino is Canada's most popular surfing destination and quite simply a fascinating place, boasting 22 miles of beaches and an extremely pleasant climate. It is located on the west coast of the Vancouver Islands. Tofino has a reputation as a completely authentic vacation: everything that the locals do, they do with care, from food and drink, to sustainability and the arts, where everything taken together makes this place a perfect destination.


Toronto, Ontario

It is the most populous city in Canada and is the economic epicenter. Toronto is a multicultural metropolis and diversity is part of the city's appeal. There is no cuisine of which a great example cannot be found with sufficient research or exploration. Toronto is the cultural hub of the country in terms of the arts.


Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is a vibrant and exciting city at the forefront of food, fashion, music and art. It is full of spaces, museums, markets, restaurants and more. If you are a nature lover, you will find the surrounding area quite wild, allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities and never go far.

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