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blivale_image_recovery_international_tourism_2022_1280x720 RECOVERY OF 60% OF INTERNATIONAL TOURISM FROM PRE-PANDEMIA TO PRESENT


The statistics relating to international tourism in the world have been released.
Static certified by UNWTO (World Tourism Organization), specialized agency of the United Nations (UN).

With the Covid event disrupting all businesses in the world, except for some where they have benefited significantly from it, international tourism experienced a drastic drop in 2020 with a slight increase in 2021 and 2022. Thinking about the recovery.

It should be considered that only 86 countries in the world as of 19 September 2022 did not have restrictions on Covid, the rest of the world did.

The current estimate is that in 2022 there was an increase of about 172% compared to the previous year (2021) - which translated into numbers would mean:

  • about 175 million travelers in 2021
  • about 474 million travelers in 2022

By travelers we mean both occasional tourists and workers, etc.

The most sought-after destinations to date are Europe and the Middle East, which compared to 2019 have reached:

  • 74% in 2021 compared to the 2019 period
  • 76% in 2022 compared to the 2019 period

International air traffic has thus grown, accounting for around 70% of pre-pandemic traffic levels.

Thus indicating a slight recovery on tourism.

The following graphs highlight what happened in the world of tourism, the Statica graph starts from 1990 where the data is reported every 5 years, and highlight the crisis that occurred with the Covid.

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