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blivale_blog_en_thailand_aspired_destination_851x315 Thailand is a coveted destination among the top 10 in the world

Thailand is a coveted destination among the top 10 in the world

Thailand is a much-loved and sought-after destination, which developed as a tourist destination only in the 20th century. It is visited by about 40 million tourists a year.

It fascinates with its beautiful temples, its magnificent beaches and its ancient culture.

A visit to Thailand offers unforgettable and fascinating moments.

Best time to go to Thailand

Thailand can be visited all year round, with the exception of the period from May to November due to the risk of rain and cyclones.

The sea in Thailand is warm all year round, however it is advisable to go to areas where sudden downpours arrive.

A visit from March to May is advisable because there is the "Thai Water Festival" and in April the Thai New Year is celebrated.

Temperatures in this period reach 35°C.

Climate in Thailand

Thailand has a very pleasant climate, defined as tropical monsoon, therefore humid and hot, with high peaks between March and May, but mitigated by the monsoons in some months.

Winter temperatures usually drop to 15°C especially in Northern Thailand, while the highest peaks reach 40°C in April in the central and southern parts.

In the capital Bangkok temperatures are always high: in April they reach peaks of 35°C and in December, there are around 31°C.

blivale_image_blog_thailand_koh_ngai Thailand is a coveted destination among the top 10 in the world

What to visit in Thalandia

Besides sunbathing and swimming on Thailand's beaches, there are fascinating places to visit.

We mention a few as iteneraries:

  • the capital Bangkok, modernized but still full of historical culture
  • the ancient capital Ayutthaya where there are architectural marvels of Bang Pa In, the Royal Summer Palace, or admire the fascinating ruins of the main temples, including Wat Phra Sri Sanphet, the private temples of the kings of Ayuttaya and the splendid Wat Maha That. Then Wat Phra Mongkhon Bopit, Thailand's largest seated Buddha
blivale_image_blog_thailand_sukhothai_historical_park Thailand is a coveted destination among the top 10 in the world

Useful travel information

Here is some useful travel information:

  • Capital: Bangkok
  • Population: 68.86 million
  • Surface area: 513,120 sq km
  • Languages: Thai and English (the latter only in the capital and major tourist spots)
  • Currency: Baht (THB) / Exchange rate: €1.00 = 38.51 baht - 100 baht = €2.60. The exchange rate changes from day to day.
  • Documents: original passport with residual validity of at least 6 months upon arrival and at least two free pages remaining for affixing the visa
  • Vaccinations: no vaccination is required but we recommend a visit to your doctor a few weeks before departure who will be able to provide advice!


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